LIMITED EDITION - Super Lightweight Paper Notebook – Regular Size - Traveler's Company
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LIMITED EDITION - Super Lightweight Paper Notebook – Regular Size - Traveler's Company
Fascinatingly thin, light paper
The paper in this notebook is even thinner and lighter than the Lightweight Paper refill. The paper itself does not allow for oil to penetrate easily, so it is hard to smear when using a fountain pen. The letters on the back of the page will show through a little because the paper is so thin, which adds a unique look to the enticingly crisp paper.
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A5 Linen Letterpad - White - Original Crown Mill
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The texture of the linen paper provides an unrivaled writing sensation.
This paper brings a note of finesse and elegance to any quality correspondence.
Block comes with a ruled guide page to help you write straight.
Paper weight: 100g/m²
50 sheets
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