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Chinese brush - Herbin
Brush 23 cm long in goat and rabbit hair, ideal for oriental and Chinese calligraphy.
Before using for the first time, pass the bristles of the brush under hot water.
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Student writing set - Herbin
Writing set including:
1 pen holder
1 "L'écolière" nib
1 blotter
1 bottle of purple writing ink 10ml
1 notice with a writing model
The "L'écolière" nib is a fine, fairly hard nib for writing, drawing and calligraphy.
An ideal set to practice writing like schoolchildren at the start of the 20th century!
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Chinese Calligraphy set - Herbin
This Chinese calligraphy set contains :
1 Chinese brush
1 bottle of 10 ml Chinese ink
1 sheet of Chinese paper
1 explanatory leaflet with a Chinese letter model.
The opportunity to train in the art of Chinese calligraphy!
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Medieval writing set - Herbin
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Writing set including:
1 goose feather
1 sheet of parchment
1 bottle of calligraphy ink 10ml
1 notice with a caroline model.
A complete set to practice writing like in Charlemagne's time!