Refill 009 Repair Kit - TRAVELER'S notebook
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Refill 009 Repair Kit - TRAVELER'S notebook

#009 accessory for Traveler's Notebook

Repair kit with 9 accessories

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#009 accessory for Traveler's Notebook

Repair kit with 9 accessories

The kit contains the following accessories to repair and/or customize your Traveler's Notebook:

6 elastics to replace the central elastic that closes the cover or the one that holds the notebooks in place. Each elastic is 1 meter long.

2 strings to use as a bookmark. Each rope is 40 centimetres long.

A tin clasp to hold the elastics and the bookmark.

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TN Passport size
TN Regular size
Traveler's Company

The company TRAVELER'S COMPANY owns the brands TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK, BRASS PRODUCTS, SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK and other related products. TRAVELER'S COMPANY also owns and runs THE TRAVELER'S FACTORY stores.

Traveler's Notebook (TN) has become a must-have accessory for travellers, they slip everywhere, can hold up to 3 notebooks and several accessories.

In the Traveler's Notebook collection you will find all kinds of refills, ruled notebooks, Grid, united, dot, watercolor paper... for all needs.

THE TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK notebooks went on sale in 2006 with five types of refills. The "passport" format was released in 2009. The brass PRODUCTS and SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK brands were launched in 2010.

In 2011, the first TRAVELER'S FACTORY was inaugurated in Namameguro, Tokyo. In 2014 TRAVELLER'S FACTORY AIRPORT opened at Narita International Airport and TRAVELER'S FACTORY STATION at Tokyo Station in 2017.

All TRAVELER'S COMPANY products are inspired by the theme of travel. That's why the brand name was changed from "MIDORI" to "TRAVELER'S COMPANY" in 2015.