Bottle 60ml ink - Green N3 No.4205 - KWZ ink
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Bottle 60ml ink - Green N3 No.4205 - KWZ ink

KWZ inks are characterized by a high saturation of colors with a very good flow through the pen.

60ml bottle

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Craft ink made in Poland by an enthusiast.

KWZ inks are characterized by a high saturation of colors with a very good flow through the pen.

Craft ink made in Poland with love by an enthusiast.

60ml bottle

KWZ ink
Dominant color
Iron gall
Water resistant
60 ml
KWZ ink

Konrad Żurawski is a big fan of fountain pens and all that is associated with them. He enjoys the little pleasures of life, especially a good night's sleep. He also defines himself as a handyman at heart.

Konrad is a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology.

"I've been creating inks for pens since 2012. It all started when I decided to improve the saturation of one of my inks. While browsing forums and websites, I came across several articles on the manufacture of metal-gallic inks. I wanted to try it and a few days later I was preparing my first iron gallo-tannate ink. Over time, I began to enrich the inks I was preparing with interesting colors and to work the properties of ink.

The creation of inks has become a great passion. The ability to create inks of almost all colors gives me a lot of satisfaction. But making new inks is not always easy, sometimes many attempts are needed before getting a specific color or feature. I no longer count the number of times a well thought-out formula on paper did not produce the desired result or proved unstable and the ink quickly degraded. Despite this, ink making is an activity that gives us a lot of pleasure.

Large-scale ink production is not my goal, I prefer to focus on creating inks that are a little less common, which are not found everywhere. I create my inks from scratch, mixing raw products that will eventually give me fountain pen ink. To ensure the repeatability of my formulas, I have introduced a number of improvements in my laboratory, but most of the work of making inks is still handcrafted and done by hand."