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minimal.plan was created by Claire in Paris in 2017

I was looking for the perfect organisation system to run my personal and work projects when I understood that a calendar and some sticky notes were definitely not enough to keep track of my ideas and to-do lists, and keep real life stuff under control.

I started to build my own system with the bullet journal method… And eventually realized that I just needed a system that would offer the structure of a planner to keep things organized, and the freedom of a bullet journal to store all my ideas, sketches and notes.

And so, countless prototypes, users tests and one crowdfunding campaign later, the PROJO planner came to life…

Soon joined by other amazing planning tools!

- Claire

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PROJO - Deluxe pack 3 months - 2 notebooks - Minimal Plan
PROJO (project contract and journal) is an undated quarterly planner that helps you complete your projects.It is an organization system that combines 2 different notebooks (the P. Book and the N. Book) and complementary to offer you the ideal balance between structure and freedom.It's like having a personal assistant in your bag.