List of 365notebook brand products

Shinnippon Calendar Co. Ltd. was founded in 1922 and produces approximately 30 million calendars per year.

In 2012 the company decided to expand its offer and began offering stationery. This is how the 365notebook brand was born.

The products 365notebook use Junpakushi paper. This paper is a soft, fine, translucent paper with a unique texture, traditionally used for Japanese ephemeris calendars or as wrapping paper.

Set of 4 Shiki A6 notebooks - 365notebook
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Four colourful notebooks to celebrate the four seasons.In Japan, shiki is celebrated季, "four seasons"). Every season has its moments of joy and sadness and every day is important. The 365notebook comes in a set of four notebooks, to reflect the four seasons. These four notebooks will allow you to remember the moments that mattered each season.Each notebook contains 100 sheets, which makes 400 sheets in total.
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