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What should have been, is. What should have been, is.

The link between stationery and men was born when they first used a stick to draw on the floor. This link has never ceased to evolve with the times.

We are now rethinking this evolution.

Our goal is to eliminate the superfluous and get back to basics.

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Calendar 1/2 Year Notebook A6 - Black - Stalogy
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Calendar 1/2 Year Notebook A6 - Black - StalogyThe 1/2 Year Notebook contains the equivalent of 6 months of pages (1 page per day), but thanks to its thin paper, it is thin enough to fit easily into a bag.Specifics:192 pages of fine paper resistant to ink piercings.Opens completely flat (lay flat).Months, dates and days of the week printed at the top of each page, allowing you to circle or highlight the date of this page.Hours from 8 to 21 are printed along the left margin, allowing you to use the pages as an hourly calendar.
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