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Slow Pharmacy, Nature in the rhythm of South Korea

The beauty of the flora meets the minimalist design of Slow Pharmacy. Delicately inserted into the bottle by hand, each plant is unique.

Made in a country perceived as ultra-modern and technology-oriented, Slow Pharmacy offers something that goes against the stereotype. Discover our designers and creations!

Lee & Jeong, founders of Slow Pharmacy 

The two Korean partners have a passion for plants, with a twist: a unique container and its equally surprising contents.

They love nature, and share it with originality. Bringing an element from the outside into your home makes you feel more comfortable and connected to nature. In addition, there are good reasons to have houseplants.

The Slow Pharmacy philosophy 

It is a new, modern and innovative relationship with nature. The containers and plant varieties are as important as the content, and the company has understood this: the design blends perfectly with the grace of the plants used. A form of plant passion that is good for your health.

Indeed, studies have shown that plants help you concentrate, and therefore allow you to be both soothed and productive at the same time. Whether you work from home (a trend that will accelerate in the near future) or in an office, a Slow Pharmacy vial will help you face the tasks ahead.

The long, cold, dark winter months can be a trying time for some. Flowers and greenery can help to keep your spirits up, and a vial such as the ones offered by Lee & Jeong will be a great help to your morale, as well as acting as a unique decorative item.

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