List of Endless brand products

The Endless Story

Endless Works is a premium stationery brand with Tomoe River paper. Every product created has just one simple mission: to provide an exceptional user experience.

Our products are designed to delight.

Empathy - To identify the exact need of the user.

Empathy towards our users is at the crux of every decision made at Endless Works. Whether it is scrutinizing the font size of a particular line or choosing the material of a notebook cover, every design decision is made keeping our users at the heart.

Design - To effectively meet the need.

Good design is not just to be seen but to be felt. With our years of experience in the field of design and manufacturing, we strive to build products that don’t just look but feel great too. Our aim is to create an effective ecosystem of products that improve lives while providing joy. Extensive research and prototyping is involved in each of our solution designs.