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ETIKET is the result of our love for beautiful paper, clean colors and graphic prints.

ETIKET was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen and is of German-Danish origin, it is nothing less than combining the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism and German quality, Japanese aesthetics and French laissez-faire .

Guided by our own experience, we chose simple and useful objects. Our collection named ETIKET includes notebooks, booklets and notepads, all with a style evoking naturalness and calm. We love grid patterns and take advantage of the proximity to a factory in southern Germany.

We hope you enjoy our passion the same way we do and share our love of stationery.

Lot de 5 cartes "All in one" - Etiket Lot de 5 cartes "All in one" - Etiket 2
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Set of 5 fun cards for all occasions. You can use the "All in one" cards to congratulate, thank, make a cuckoo... All you have to do is check the matching box.There is extra space at the back to add your personal message.
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