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Venetian Artistic Foundry

Bortoletti Artistic Foundry was established in 1980 by four brothers, driven by a passion for bronze casting and sculpture which they inherited from their father.

The story begins in Venice, and it’s a tale of love, passion for tradition and the need to preserve the beauty of this culture, handed down from father to son.

Many years of experience led to great strides forward in the quality of our creations, which had an effect on our entire production process. At the same time, the foundry began collaborating with two great artists: Elio Martella and Agostino Venturini. 

The artistic creativity flowing from the pencils of these two masters gave birth to new product designs, and they have been the lifeblood of the whole creative process. Our products are very aesthetically pleasing because they bring to mind the past using the language of the present.

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Desk Penholder - Marcello - Bortoletti
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Desk Penholder Marcello can be used for all goose pens, wooden and glass nibholder pens.
A refined and elegant pen holder that combines natural chiseled bronze and wood in a single object, it is an important piece of furniture to complete your desk sets.
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Box with 10 calligraphy nibs - Bortoletti
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Set of 10 vintage nibs compatible with all the penholders.
Ten collectable nibs from different eras for practising various lettering styles.