FALCON Fountain Pen by PILOT

The FALCON is one of Pilot's most famous fountain pens. It was first marketed in 1978 and developed in conjunction with the National Association of Fountain Pen Specialty Stores.

In Japan the FALCON is called ELABO and the current model is the 3rd generation (from 2009 to today).

The major asset of the Pilot FALCON is its "soft" nib in the shape of the beak of a royal eagle, with a rare flexibility on modern fountain pens. This magnificent semi-flexible oblong nib in rhodium-plated 14-carat gold is the signature of the FALCON. With the FALCON you will get very nice line variations, it is perfectly suited to Japanese vertical writing.

The FALCON nib is available in 4 sizes :

  • SE : Soft Extra-Fine
  • SF : Soft Fine
  • SM : Soft Medium
  • SB : Soft Broad 
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