CAPLESS - Dream, live, write !

The Capless is Pilot's famous retractable fountain pen, created by the brand in 1963 in Tokyo. This fountain pen houses a mechanism allowing its nib to retract. Press the push button and the nib enters the body of the pen, this allows the pen to be handled and written with the same hand. Thus, this one-of-a-kind fountain pen does not need a cap; hence its name: the Capless (also called Vanishing Point in the USA). Having become legendary, the Capless won the high technology prize in 1965; it has since conquered the whole world and all those who like to write with a quality Japanese pen.

The 18 carat gold nib of the Capless is a patented system, which makes it a unique, revolutionary pen combining practicality, comfort and the pleasure of writing. For more choice, five models are offered in different colors and finishes, which makes it a beautiful tool but also a high-end writing instrument, its different nibs of fine, medium or large size, will appeal to all types of writing.

Noble materials for a high quality fountain pen

Noble and robust materials such as copper, 18-carat gold nib, stainless steel make it a beautiful, elegant collector's pen. Founded in 1918 in Japan, Pilot has always relied on high quality pens that are entirely made in-house, from body to nib.

No less than 18 different parts go into the composition of the upper part of the pen alone.

The Capless with Stripe finishes is for the first time covered with an embossed decoration. Its attributes (clip, ring and push button) are silver, its 18-carat gold nib is rhodium-plated (white gold). The Capless Stripe is available in three nib sizes.

The Matte finish Capless has a fully matt body, its nib is in rhodium-plated 18-carat gold but some models offer a titanium-plated gold nib with a black appearance. Some versions feature a rhodium-plated body with only matte attributes.

The Capless Graphites has a lacquered steel body available in 3 graphite colours. Its attributes (clip, ring and push button) are silver, its 18-carat gold nib is rhodium-plated (white gold).

The Capless Wooden is for the first time covered in birch wood underlined by sumptuous rhodium-plated attributes. In black or cherry red stained wood, the Capless Wooden can be equipped with a fine, medium or large nib.

Capless SE

The Capless SE collection is made from a luxury resin. Capless SE fountain pens are dressed in a unique and sumptuous marble set, with rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib and trim.

Always retractable and available in 5 colors, each model is unique thanks to the jasper pattern which is never the same, like in a real stone vein.

The Capless LS (Luxury & Silent) fountain pens are clear examples of innovation and finesse

The pens within this new Capless LS series are characterised by a revisited design, intended to make the retractable mechanism more silent. One click makes the pen's nib come out and a soft twist retracts the nib back in.

This two-in-one system required a change of shape of the press button, which now incorporates a small and discreet fin, and a ring with a curved profile. These changes have in no way altered the traditional elegance of its lines, but have added some contemporary flair.

This new Capless LS model is available in a matte black look or in glossy lacquer version, with rhodium-plated attributes, available in black, dark blue and purple.

The Capless LS pens are delivered in an elegant black exclusive box with a black leather case and an Iroshizuku ink in the Take-Sumi colour.