Carnet A6 ligné - Atoma Elegant
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A6 plain Notebook - Atoma Elegant

The Atoma binder system combines the advantages of the binder and the spiral notebook.

Atoma has been a "Patented Suppliers of the Court of Belgium" since 1997.

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The benefits of the Atoma binding system

Thanks to the Atoma binding system contains stationery items with a sleek and timeless design. Thanks to the ingenious bookbinding process, you organize your documents better.

You can:

Remove sheets, put them back in place or change the order.
Transfer sheets from a notebook to theautre.
Print and photocopy on sheets and put them back in the notebook.
Buy refills and put them in existing notebooks.

The Atoma binder system combines the advantages of the binder and the spiral notebook.

For students, this involves:

Take notes for different subjects in 1 notebook without using a thick and inemanable binder.
Don't stick 'rounds' when the sheets tear in the binder!
Small rings don't interfere when taking notes, as in the case of a binder.
A notebook Atoma takes up only half the space on the desk thanks to the convenient system of rings that rotate 360 degrees.

Cover: black Lyon cardboard

Rings: aluminium

Paper weight: 90g/m2

Paper colour: ivory

Number of sheets: 60 sheets (120 pages)

Format: A6

Set: plain

Flat opening: yes

Origin: Belgium

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Paper color

Since 1948 Atoma has been a typically Belgian product designed by the duo André Tomas and André Martin (A-to-ma).

Nothing has changed since then in the revolutionary concept of plastic rings and unique perforations. What could be more logical ? It turned out perfect from day one. For decades, Atoma notebooks have fascinated entire generations.

Six decades later, Atoma is one of Belgium's crown jewels in terms of utilitarian design. The phenomenon has often been imitated but never equaled. ATOMA has been recognized as one of the Court's Suppliers since 1997.

An Atoma is not just a notebook. It’s a gadget, a blank sheet that can be used to write down all of life’s touching moments whenever they arise. Thoughts and poems notebook, photo book, recipe book, wedding album, address book or collection of quotes... Atoma has many faces.