Pilot Maica 04 - Stylo-roller gel - Abricot

    Pilot Maica 04 - rollerball pen - Apricot

    Pilot Maica, the star pen at the cutting edge of refinement.

    Extra fine tip 0.4mm


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    Pilot Maica, the star pen at the cutting edge of refinement.

    To make it a unique pen to customize according to your desires, the tie on the cap allows you to accessorize your Maica Pilot with a thong or your favorite decorative gri-gri.

    Adorned with a stylized logo, Pilot Maica is much more than a pen, it is a true fashion accessory, which allows to write with finesse with incredible fluidity and softness of writing.

    Efficiency and comfort thanks to a unique and ultra-soft Pilot gel ink.
    Pen with hood.
    Mm writing width: 0.20 mm
    Peak size: 0.40 mm

    The width of the tip
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    Namiki Manufacturing Company was founded in 1918. The name Pilot was adopted in 1938. Today Pilot Corporation is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan and the world's number 2.

    Since its inception, Pilot has placed great importance on innovation in order to always offer its customers the best writing tools.

    In the range of high-end writing instruments, Pilot maintains the brand of the surname of its founder, Namiki. Capless (also known as Vanishing Point in the United States), Iroshizuku pen pens and inks are among the most sought-after Namiki objects.

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