Makkura stationery

Makkura Stationery was founded in 2018 by Karolina, a lifelong stationery enthusiast.

Karolina began sharing her love of paper in 2016 on her blog Journaling Addict. The idea of expanding this activity and opening a stationery factory came very naturally. From the beginning it was clear that it was necessary to offer an offer different from what already exists on the market.

After a year of brainstorming and reflection, the idea of an online stationery specializing in design products, original and high quality. The products selected for the stationery are first of all supplies tested and approved by Karolina and her entourage. It emphasizes ethical production and attaches great importance to the manufacture of products in dignified conditions.

The name of the stationery, Makkura, was chosen after the first name of the little black cat of the family.

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