Traveler's Notebook - TN - Midori

Traveler's Notebook

Traveler's Notebook - the traveller's indipensable

Traveler's Notebook (TN) are these famous notebooks with a leather cover that can accommodate up to 3 notebooks and many other accessories.

The Traveler Notebook is a veritable "traveller's notebook", in recent years it has become the indispensable accessory of globetrotters. The TN comes in two sizes (regular and passport) and can slip anywhere. It will allow you to keep all your best travel memories thanks to a wide selection of refills and accessories.

TN notebooks have been in existence since 2006. The Traveler's Notebook brand is owned by Traveler's Company , which was called Midori before 2015. Today the brand Midori still exists, but it is mainly used for MD Paper notebooks and some accessories.

The leather cover of the notebook will be embellished with time and this notebook will become a true travel companion that will never leave you.

Today there are 4 cover colors and sometimes limited editions.

The many refills offered by the brand will meet all your needs, from the ruled notebook to the watercolor paper through the diaries and not to mention the brand new DOT notebooks (dotted). The brand regularly releases new products (usually every year in the spring).