Dyestuff Ink - 10 cartridges - Red - Platinum Papeterie Makkura
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Dyestuff Ink - 10 cartridges - Red - Platinum Papeterie Makkura

Dyestuff Ink - 10 cartridges - Red - Platinum

Platinum water-based Dyestuff Ink 

Dyestuff Ink - 10 cartridges - Platinum

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Platinum water-based Dyestuff Ink 

Dyestuff Ink - 10 cartridges - Platinum

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Dominant color
Iron gall
Water resistant
Platinum Cartridges
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About Platinum

We are a writing instrument manufacturer that started with a fountain pen in 1919, and the name "fountain pen" is still part of our company name. Fountain pen is made based on a capillary action where liquid (ink) is sucked from a very narrow gap, so it's a writing instrument in which essence of all science including ink (chemical), metallic engineering, plastic molding and mechanical engineering come together. We were the first in the world to make the cartridge type fountain pen fit for practical use and by applying this technology to other writing instruments, we were able to invent products that are widely used in government agencies and offices such as fluorescent markers that are not disposable and can be used repeatedly. To be able to deliver products that can be appreciated by our customers, we examine the best materials that complement these technologies. Due to the fact that fountain pens have a more elastic pen tip than other writing instruments, the thickness of the line and shade of the ink appear on the paper. This especially unveils the detailed texture of the handwritten text. Platinum Fountain Pens realize the smoothest writing comfort as the finest materials are used for the pen tips.

"When you look at a handwritten text, your feeling becomes a little warmer because you're coming in contact with another person's feelings..."

Many things have happened in the past 100 years, and we received support from many people. Thank you. However, if humans continue to be humans for the next 100 years, then nothing should change in that interaction of feelings. We believe that our mission is to introduce a writing instrument that is slightly ahead of our time. Also, while making use of our abundant experience and history in the field, we will think of ways to integrate new technologies with new m aterials to create new products.

Platinum Pen CO., LTD. CEO Toshiya Nakata

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