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The cherished good-old-day vintage stationery.

A lot of fine stationery in the past has been cast out due to the change of generations and the closed factories. TOOLS to LIVEBY wants to re-vitalize and share the beauty of those disappeared good stationery.

We duplicate the very products with refined modeling and packaging.

Aluminium ruler 15cm - Yellow - Tools To Liveby Aluminium ruler 15cm - Yellow - Tools To Liveby 2
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    Rulers and stencils

    Brass Rulermark - Tools To Liveby

    Tools To Liveby
    The TTLB Brass Rulermark is made of brass with fine engravings.  It provides great reading experiences and it can be used as a measuring tool.  Enjoying using it when the brass becomes tarnished and changes color over time, and TTLB Brass Rulermark will turn into a precious personal tool you'd love. Ruler: 12cm
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