List of Tombow brand products

Tombow is a Japanese family-owned business that manufactures reliable, high-quality writing instruments and has also been supporting creative people in their daily lives since 1913. Since its inception by pencil maker Harunosuke Ogawa over 100 years ago , the company is still run by the Ogawa family.

Why a dragonfly? The meaning of the Tombow logo.

The translation of the Japanese word "Tonbō" means: dragonfly. The company adapted the spelling to make pronunciation and typography more international, and so the Tombow brand was born.

Customers have often asked why there is a dragonfly on the Tombow logo. Besides the relation with the name, it is closely related to the meaning of the dragonfly in Japanese culture. Indeed, the dragonfly is a lucky insect in Japan and signifies courage, bravery and success. The old name of Japan was "aketushima" - land of dragonflies because the islands that make up Japan resemble the long body of a dragonfly.

The family business Tombow is also synonymous with values ​​such as stability and tradition. The production lines are developed and maintained with care and the developments of new products are studied with great precision before they can reach the production phase. As a family business, Tombow aims not only for long-term development and lasting business relationships but also for the well-being of its employees.

Mono Light Gum - Tombow
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The MONO light gum allows a particularly soft erasure with excellent results.Thanks to its solid consistency, the gum sticks less to the paper.Weight: 13g
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Mono Graph Mechanical pencil - Red - Tombow
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Mechanical pencil equipped with an HB 0.5 mine and a Mono gum.The innovative "Shake" mechanism allows the mine to be pulled out by shaking the pencil.
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