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The Herbin company, manufacturer of sealing wax, was founded in 1670 during the reign of Louis XIV. It is also the oldest brand of ink in the world.

Jacques Herbin was a navigator and it is from one of his trips to India that he imported his shellac formula which earned him great fame in the kingdom.

Ink production began during the 1st Empire and Herbin inks were used by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Even today, Herbin inks and waxes are recognized and renowned around the world.

Fountain pen cleaner - 50ml - Herbin
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To declt all your fountain pens, roller pens and pumps simply and quickly.
Cleanser made from natural products.
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Writing Copy Book - Jacques Herbin
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A real exercise book to perfect your writing (lower and upper case Copperplate writing alphabet and examples of french words).
For those nostalgic for the school notebooks of yesteryear!
Notebook 16.5x22.5cm
16 pages
Pack of 10 blotting papers - White - Herbin
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Blotting papers reminiscent of that used by schoolchildren writing with nib holders.
Its quality (240g) and the elegance of its design should delight those nostalgic for the writing of yesteryear.
10 blotting papers 240g
Dimension: 12x16 cm
Ink cartridges - Bleu de Minuit - Jacques Herbin
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Bleu de Minuit is the darkest colour available apart from Noir Abyssal ink. It is a deep, dark blue, evoking a starry night. This celestial colour is emblematic of the Jacques Herbin Collection.
This ink is available in standard large format cartridges.
7 cartridges
Jacques Herbin Ink - Bleu Myosotis - Forget-me-not Blue - Box of 6 cartridges
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Bleu Myosotis (Forget-me-not Blue): named after the flower of that very same name. Based on the famous legend, a knight and his lady were taking a walk along the river. He bent over to pick up a flower for his lady but lost his balance with the weight of its armor and fell into the river. While drowning he threw the flower at his lady screaming "Forget-me-not".
Thanks to that legend the myosotis had become the symbol of memory and remembrance. The bleu myosotis is also the closest color to the standard and traditional blue ink used by every French pupil.
6 standard 38mm cartridges
Jacques Herbin Ink - Vert de Gris - Verdigris - Bottle 30ml
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Vert de Gris (Verdigris) : the originality of the color is based on both gray and green tones. From the corrosion of copper, greyish combines with both light and dark colors for a rendering of both soft and deep writing.
Bottle 30 ml
Jacques Herbin Ink - Eclat de Saphir - Sapphire Blue - Box of 6 cartridges
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Eclat de Saphir (Sapphire Blue): sapphire is a gemstone. The terminology probably comes from 2 origins: the Greek with "sappheiros" (a stone of blue colour) or from the Hebrew "sappir" (the most beautiful thing). This colour is a reminder of Jacques Herbin and his work at the most prestigious royal courts of Europe.
6 standard 38mm cartridges
Jacques Herbin Ink - Terre de Feu - Land of Fire - Box of 6 cartridges
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Terre de Feu (Land of Fire): Land of Fire (Tierra del Fuego in Spanish) is the name of an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland. Divided between Argentina and Chile, the main island is known as Land of Fire and also composed of a group of smaller islands. This brown ink has a red tone a reminder of the burnt lands and vast deserts where nothing ever grows.
6 standard 38mm cartridges
Seal with varnished wooden handle - LILY FLOWER - Herbin
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24mm brass seal, engraved, varnished wooden handle. Pellet to screw on a wooden handle.
This screw handle, in varnished wood, provided with a brass seal, will allow you to make beautiful personalized seals, for your letters for example.
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Chinese brush - Herbin
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Brush 23 cm long in goat and rabbit hair, ideal for oriental and Chinese calligraphy.
Before using for the first time, pass the bristles of the brush under hot water.
A5 Travel Notebook - Jacques Herbin
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A thin and light notebook, perfect for recording adventure stories.
Natural white wove paper
Layout: plain
Paper weight: 65g / m²
128 pages
Pocket and blotter included